Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Paris (CNSMDP)
Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Composition, Very good unanimously by the jury.
Prof: Stefano Gervasoni, Luis Naon and Michaël Levinas.

Académie-Festival Composit
Prof: Philippe Leroux et Joshua Finenberg.


IRCAM Cursus
Prof: Mauro Lanza.


Voix Nouvelles Academy
Prof: Brian Ferneyhough, Liza Lim and Francesco Filidei.


Conservatoire de Bordeaux
Diploma of Musical Studies in composition with mention Very good and with the unanimity of the jury. Professors: Jean-Yves Bosseur and Christophe Havel.
Diploma of Musical Studies in stylistic writing with mention Very good. Professor: Patrice Defaccio.

Ecole National de Sevran
Prof: Allain Gaussin.


National Conservatory of Music of Peru
Prof: José Sosaya


San Felipe School


André Malraux School


A. Tello (2001), C. Garrido-Lecca (2001), M. Lavista (2001) J. L. Campana (2005), M. Kagel (2005), H. Pousseur, H. Holliger (2008), B. Ferneyhough (2009), G. Manca (2010), I. Fedele (2011), D. Smalley (2011), P. Leroux (2012).


2024 Commissioned by Festival aux Chandelles for Wayra aux Indes Parallèles.

Commissioned by 2e2m ensemble for Mater Natura

2023 Commissioned by Proxima Centauri for Sikuri II.

2022 Commissioned by the Nouveaux Horizons festival in Aix en Provence.

Commissioned by the Ars Musica festival in Brussels.

Commissioned by the Assy Musicals and the Regards ensemble by Sfocato.

Composer in artistic research with the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru.

2021 Commissioned by TrioPolycordes by Rocker Cords.

Commissioned by Flashback ensemble by Monolithe.

Commissioned by the Donaueschinguen festival by Wayra.

Commissioned by the National Orchestra of Peru by Dall’infinito.

Composer in artistic residence at the Royaumont Foundation Incubator.

2020 Commissioned by the Regards ensemble for And the Darknes dances.

Commissioned by the Ivry and Vitry sur Seine Conservatories by La Cité Verdoyante.

Composer in artistic research at the SCRIME in Bordeaux.

2019 Commision by the French Ministry of Culture by Sabia.

2018 Commission by Radio France by Seliox.

2017 Composer in artistic research at Art Zoyd Music Creation Center.

2015 Composer in artistic research at IRCAM.

Commision by the Tana string quartet by Smaqra.

Commision by LAPS Ensemble by Sonrío/Sollozo.

Commision by the Bordeaux Saxophone Ensemble by Sikuri X.

2014 Commission by D.A.I. by Sismo.

Commission and artistic research at the Henri Pousseur Center of Lija-Belgium for the writing of the first hybrid string quartet, Smaqra, premiered on January 14, 2015 by the Tana string quartet at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Strasbourg.

2013 Commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture by Sama.

2012 Commisioned by Art Sound Quartet by Sikuri IV.

Composer in artistic research at La Chaise-Dieu festival.

2011 Commission by Prime Project by Sikus arka/ira.

2010 Commission by Proxima Centauri by Lando.

2009 Commission by the Auvers sur oise by Tiempo-Tiempo.

2008 Commission by the Auvers sur oise by Fusion.


2024 Guest Professor of electronic composition at The National Music University of Peru.

2022 Professor of composition at Academia Experimenta in Lima, Peru.

2022 Professor of composition at Academia Mixte in Bordeaux, France.

2019-2023 Professor at Argenteuil Music Conservatory, France.

2017 Guest composer at Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia, Italy.

2016 Guest composer at Valencia Music Conservatory, Spain.

2014 Guest composer at Bordeaux Music Conservatory, France.

2011 Guest composer at The National Music Conservatory of Peru.

2008/2009 Professor of composition at the Academy Painting the Sound in Valencia, Spain.

2004/2008 Piano teacher in the music school « Jeunesse de Saint Augustin » in Bordeaux


2022-2024 Artistic Director artístico of the festival Experimenta at Gran Teatro Nacional of Peru.

2021/2023 Member of the artistic council of the Casa de Velásquez.

2021 Founding member of the Sonomundo Association.

2013-2024 Artistic and musical director of the ensemble Regards.

2012 Artistic Director of the Contemporary Music Festival of Lima, Peru.

2005 Member of SACEM (association of authors, composers and music publishers)

2001 Founder member of Círculo de Composición del Perú (CIRCOMPER).


2022 Ibermusicas award for composition and work premiere.

2017 Nominated as a member of the Academy of France in Rome – Villa Médicis.

2016 Nominated as a member of the Academy of France in Madrid – Casa de Velasquez.

Second Prize of  “Musique nouvelle pour flûte à bec 2016 Award” in Lausanne, Switzerland

2015 The Academy of Fine Arts of France Award.

2013 Fondation Francis et Mica Salabert Prize by Sabia.

Fondation Meyer Scholarship

2007 Festival d’Auvers Sur Oise Prize by Agir, je viens.

SACEM Prize for Versus.

Prize of the Sixth International Meeting of Cergy Pontoise for Agir, je viens.

Selected by the International Society of Contemporary Music to the Forum of Young Musical Creation.


Spanish: maternal

French: bilingual

English: intermediate

Italian: intermediate